Artigos científicos

“ConectAR: Collaborative network of patients with asthma and carers actively involved in health research. A protocol for patient and public involvement”

Patients and Public Involvement in every stage of the patient-centred health research cycle is the key to the development of innovative solutions with an impact on patients’ care. This protocol describes the development of ConectAR, a network to promote the involvement of patients with asthma and their carers in the health research cycle. This protocol comprehends 4 tasks: 1) define the mission, vision, governance and activities of the network through focus groups; 2) establish the communication strategy and tools; 3) test the feasibility of the network in a Delphi study on the research priorities for asthma in Portugal; and 4) coordination and dissemination activities. This network will improve research by ensuring that patients and carers have an active role in the co-creation of impactful solutions for asthma.

“PAAI - Interactive online self-learning programme for patients with asthma: protocol for co-creation and impact”